Together We Can Make a Difference!

Our mission here at Earth Friendly Straws:

Create Awareness of the damage single-use plastics are causing our planet, its oceans and the animals that call them home.

Enable Change by providing quality green products that are earth friendly, reusable, and help people stop using plastic straws.

- Be Philanthropic by donating a portion of sales to help fund a variety of organizations that are working to spread awareness of the issue as well as clean and conserve our precious environment for future generations.

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Wide Selection Available

We have exactly the reusable stainless steel straw you are looking for! Standard length for your everyday glassware? We've got them. Long and Extra Long lengths for your tall bottles and to go cups? We've got those too! Like a nice thick smoothie or bubble tea? Our special wide straws make drinking them a breeze. Whether you like a straw that's straight or with a bend we've got you covered. Plus we have a selection of different colors to please adults and kids alike. Be sure to check out our Entire Straw Selection.

Earth Friendly Straws Mission

Let’s Change the World Together!

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