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Earth Friendly Straws - Let's Change the World Together

It's a sad, undeniable truth that the modern disposable society we live in has been a double edged sword. It has helped humankind raise the standard of living across the globe and powered a large part of the world’s economic growth over the past 50+ years. At the same time it has been helping humans, it has been equally hurting the very planet we call home and depend on for our very lives. The topic is vast and our future blog posts will help highlight some of the often overlooked aspects of the habits we have all formed. Most importantly, we'll outline small but meaningful steps we can all take to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

The issues surrounding plastics, recycling, and environmental pollution are so large that many of us talk about them, but are not sure how to best help. No single one of us created the issue alone and no single one of us will be the ultimate solution. We need to find ways to work together as individuals, nonprofit organizations and socially conscious companies. This very idea is what got the Earth Friendly Straws brand started. We are a small group of like-minded people that wanted to find a way to make even a small difference and enable others to do the same.

It just so happens that we are passionate about our oceans and beaches. We have all heard in the news about how 500 million disposable straws are thrown out each and every single day in the U.S. alone. This is a staggering number that is at times hard to comprehend. A vast portion of all that plastic ends up in our oceans and on our beaches. It's one of the reasons plastic straws are one of the top 10 manmade items found in the world’s oceans. It's pretty much impossible in this day and age to go to a beach and not see plastic straws among the trash that washes up with the tides. One day while sipping drinks on the sand staring at the water we realized we needed to do something, no matter how big or small, so that future generations can enjoy the very same clean natural beauty the oceans provide. It was time to act!

But how? We are not scientists, professional nonprofit people or part of a large conservation organization. We asked ourselves what everyone needs to ask: how can we use the skills we have to help? We just happen to be internet professionals with a strong background in ecommerce and online marketing. This my friends was the genesis moment, the very second the light went on and the idea for Earth Friendly Straws took seed.

Our Mission:

  • Create Awareness of the damage single-use plastics are causing our planet, its oceans and the animals that call them home.
  • Enable Change by providing quality green products that are earth friendly, reusable, and help people stop using plastic straws.
  • Be Philanthropic by donating a portion of sales to help fund a variety of organizations that are working to spread awareness of the issue as well as clean and conserve our precious environment for future generations.
  • Generate a sustainable profit that allows our business to continue to grow and expand in support of our goals.

This is what Earth Friendly Straws is all about! Every purchase does the following:

  • Helps eliminate the use of disposable plastic straws.
  • Allows us to donate a portion of the net profits to worthy nonprofit organizations that support our goals. We are a proud member of onepercentfortheplanet.org!
  • Contributes to virally spreading the word about the damage being done and how we can all help be part of a better, cleaner future.
  • Oh, and it allows us to sleep well at night knowing we did some good in the world. That's what it’s all about in the end right?

Do you share our goals and beliefs? Help us help others and the planet by either purchasing a set of reusable straws for your personal use or buying some to give as gifts to your friends, family and local organizations. Even if you choose to purchase from another vendor (read our FAQ about how we are different), please share us on your social media account to help spread the word of how we are trying to help make the world better.

Would you like to have your charity or nonprofit organization be considered for a partnership campaign with Earth Friendly Straws to earn direct donations for your organization? View our Partnership Application page to learn more.

Be sure to sign up for our emails too! We have some fun things lined up for the months to come including special offers, new product launches, polls on your favorite charities, ways you can help, plus more!

You can find out more about what makes us unique by reading our Mission Driven Case Study.

From Earth Friendly Straws to you we say, "Thank You!". Let's go make the world a better cleaner place for all of us!

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