FAQ - How much of your sales do you give away?

Perhaps you have heard of companies that have taken the 1% pledge? In doing so they commit to donating 1% of their sales to organizations such as onepercentfortheplanet.org or  pledge1percent.org. We applaud the companies that are socially conscious enough to decide to make philanthropy part of their corporate culture!

Here are Earth Friendly Straws we have built the very concept of giving right into the foundation of our business. We have joined a partnership with onepercentfortheplanet.org to guarantee and audit our pledge to donate 1% of our company wide sales, however we do not stop there! We cooperate directly with charities and nonprofit organizations that align with our mission via our Partnership Program to generate direct donations to their organizations. The terms of these partnerships vary on the size and level of our mutual cooperation. The average partnership generates donations of 5% of sales attributed to the partnership campaign with special programs ranging up to 10% of sales being donated.

What happens to the rest of the profits? The remaining profits after all expenses are covered (keeping the lights on, paying our employees and vendors, etc) are reinvested and used to grow our business so that we can expand our reach and support an ever growing list of charities with larger donations.

If you are part of a charity or nonprofit organization and would like more information on how to partner with us to earn donations for your organization, please fill out our Partnership Application.

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