FAQ - Is shipping always free?

Yes, shipping will always be free for regularly priced items shipped via our Standard Shipping (Delivery time 5-7 days)! We offer to cover the expense of shipping as a thank you to our customers for helping to do their part for the health of our planet.

In addition to our free standard shipping, we offer Priority Shipping (Delivery time 2-3 days) for a flat fee. We offer this for those that need their orders quicker (last minute gifts come to mind).

Periodically we may offer a promotion that includes a special offer or increased donation in which case we may charge a nominal shipping and handling fee to help cover the cost. This will be made very clear to you prior to you completing your order.

Don't forget, we donate a portion of our sales to an ever growing collection of charities and nonprofit organizations helping to clean and conserve our precious environment. See this FAQ for more information on how this works.

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