Leadership Team

 Earth Friendly Straws Founder - Michael Schmablach

Founder & CEO: Michael Schmalbach

Michael is an eBusiness veteran with over 20 years experience planning, building, managing and providing strategic guidance for large scale online properties. His experience has spanned working in both agency capacities and as in-house management for businesses ranging from early start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. The last decade plus of his career has focused on online marketing strategies and ecommerce platform implementation projects. Prior campaigns and ecommerce projects have included both B2B platforms as well as nationally recognized B2C brands.

The Earth Friendly Straws brand was brought to life by his passion for nature and his drive to help lead social change. While contemplating his next initiative, a beach view marred by plastic pollution joined with the thought that if only more people utilized the metal straws his household has been using for years this damage could not only be avoided, but perhaps to some degree undone. This was the genesis moment for what would become the socially conscious company that is Earth Friendly Straws. It was time to put his experience to work on a project whose mission was to spur change and give back to environmentally focused charities and nonprofit organizations in a meaningful and sustainable fashion.